Are data collection and reporting processes well established and documented?

Family Clinic Medical Practice

In order to apply technology to a process, the process must be thoroughly understood and models are used for this purpose. The model also supports business process analysis and redesign when the process is deemed to be inefficient or ineffective. In addition, models are used to design the “to-be” process that describes the desired end state after the technology solution is developed.

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In the Step 1 document, under“Assess Your Current Practice,” you will see the following questions to be answered:

  • Are administrative processes organized, efficient, and well documented?
  • Are clinical workflows efficient, clearly mapped out, and understood by all staff?
  • Are data collection and reporting processes well established and documented?

In the Step 2 document, read the section “Clarify and Prioritize” and the first two steps under “Steps in the Planning Process.” These sections demonstrate how process review, mapping and improvement fit with the selection of an EHR System, and are the standard starting point for EHR implementation.

For your Stage 1 Project for the Case Study, you will select a process used at the UMUC Family Clinic that needs to be improved. Then, you will create a model of a current process that defines in detail the steps in the process as they are done today. to aid in the analysis of the problem. Then, you will create a model of the proposed new process, as it will be performed after an EHR system (IT solution) is implemented. To ensure you select a process that will be related to an EHR system implementation, refer to the“Certification Criteria” in Content>Course Resources, particularly sections a and b.

Be sure to read the instructions for the remaining projects in this Case Study (Stages 2-4) to get an understanding of the future projects that build on the proposed solution and to help you in deciding upon your process.

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