Article analysis Dreams and Nightmares: Practical and Ethical Issues for Patients and Physicians Using Personal Health Records

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  1. Look for explicit definitions of key terms in the literature. Note whether different authors use different definitions.
  2. Look for key statistics that you might use in your synthesis discussion.
  3. Identify short notable quotations that might be used (sparingly) in your review because they make a point very succinctly.
  4. Look for methodological strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Distinguish between an author’s assertions and evidence in support of the assertions.
  6. Identify gaps in the literature (“What would you like to know about this topic? Are your questions answered in these articles? These could be identified as ‘gaps’ in the literature”)

COPY OF THE ARTICLE is included in the attachment. Please use the article and only the article to do your analysis.

Does not require any specific length as long as you answer the questions and put some thoughts. opinion to it.