Automotive Service

The career that I have literally chosen is the automotive service technician and mechanics career. The reason why I chose this career it’s because… Well actually I have plenty and many reasons to choose from because I am very passionate about this career and I have lived through it my entire life. One reason is that Auto Mechanics is because to me it’s an interesting field to me. I decided to explore the topic a little more to get a better understanding of what it would take to become a successful automotive technician .

I have lived through the auto mechanics field pretty much all through my life. Well actually since I have been born. The reason of this is very simple. That is because my very own dad is an auto mechanic himself. Well actually to be more exact, he owns his own auto mechanic shop. Since I was little I have always helped him at his work because I have always enjoyed working with vehicles. Since the very first day that I started working with him I already knew that the automotive field was the job for me. Since I was a baby my very own parents use to tell me that I would disappear out of their sight.

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And when they used to find me I used to be playing with the tools besides my dad helping him out. I have pretty much made my mind up about actually going further in this career. Not only because I actually enjoy doing that job but also because of the pay check that you receive. Well actually that is a bonus in it. It does matter to me the money that you earn in it but not as much as I like doing the activity of interacting and working with automobiles. I have faith in me that one day I am not only going to fix cars, but I am also going to own my own shop myself.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an auto mechanic is a technician that inspects, maintains and repair automobiles and light trucks that run on gasoline, electricity or other types of kinds of fuels, like for example ethanol. Auto mechanics play a very important role in maintaining and keeping vehicles up and running not only correctly and normal but also efficiently. The field of auto mechanics reveals a pretty long history. Specialized schooling education and a strong career objectives for anyone that would like to choose this field as a career.

There are certain types requirements or abilities that you supposed or have to get or have in order to become an auto mechanic technician. A student can get the basics of automobile repair by taking a vocational class in high their high school time. The course is not really considered training but it gives you a basic information and knowledge of what an actual auto mechanic does. To be considered and known as a qualified auto mechanic technician you will have to complete and finish training at a post secondary school or a community college.

Many post secondary schools for graduates have six months to one year of strong , helpful needed intense training. The community college most of the time offers an associate degree for this field and it most of the time takes about two years to complete the coursework and other things necessary. With this kind of type of training you are getting the most up to date training that you will indeed need when you are using with computer systems to detect problems with cars, like for example electrical problems that you can not fix your self without the help of an electronic computer.

Another form of training involves you with working as an apprentice to a master technician. This type of fields is pretty much like a helper to the main technician in other words.. When all the formal training is completed and done, the mechanic is considered as a certified They will receive a very own ASE certification. This stands for Automobile Service Excellence certification. The Bureau of Labor statistics suggests and shows that individuals who live in large cities should get certified that says ASE to help them with their search for jobs. This will provide them with a better chance of actually acquiring the job.

An auto mechanics basic job function is performed in some type of repair shop. Many mechanics work pretty much around forty hours per week. That is the estimate time of duty hours. In addition to their working time, they also make pretty good money. The median wage salary earnings of automobile technicians and mechanics, including commission, were about $16. 24 in may 2006. And the middle 50 percent is between $11. 96 and $21. 56 per hour. And last but not least the lowest ten percent earned less than $9. 17 and the highest ten percent earn $27. 22 per hour. The person that I interview for this project was my very own dad.

His full name is Herminio garcia. His profession is an automotive technician. His place of employment is the boss and owner of an auto mechanic shop. He has been working in this career for about fifteen years. When I asked Mr. Leal how much money I expected to make at the start of my career he told me between ten dollars to 20 dollars an hour. He said it was not a lot but that he enjoyed working with cars and also liked putting smiles on peoples faces. He also told me that the working conditions in that specific field was kind of hard because is a lot of physical work.

This lead me to ask him if there were plenty of jobs available in this field and he said that there were because cars will keep needing maintenance for e long time to come. When I ask him about the benefits of this career I did not get that enthusiastic because he told me u really did not get any unless u had car allowance and maybe some medical care. So then we started talking about traveling but he said that traveling had nothing to do with this field. That you stay in one particular spot or place like a shop or garage to fix cars.

Another questions that I asked him was about the hours and how they were like. He told me that the average hours he worked a week was about 40 and that’s not a lot . So then we started talking about family and if there was anytime for them and he told me that I would not have a problem with that, that I would have plenty of time with my family to spent and that put a smile on my face. However, then I asked him if there were any dangers associated with this job and he told me that yes, that there were plenty of risk associated with this job because of the chemicals that you had to deal with and the tools etc.

Now that did not leave me very happy. When I ask him about any additional skills and course work associated with this job he told me that yes you will need the most skills, course work and experience you can get to work in this field. He told me that it was really not difficult to get a job in this area because cars always needed maintenance. When I finally made my last question and ask him what advice would he give to some one like me to better prepare me for the challenges of this career, he gave me a very short answer but with a lot of meaning “Stay in school”.

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