1. You are working in the lab and you find a bottle with mysterious liquid in it that has a label with the following information: vapor pressure of 405 torr at 57.8 °C and 642 torr at 71.0  °C . What is the normal boiling point of this liquid? Using the table below of common boiling points, what is the mysterious liquid? (20 points)

Table 1. Boiling points of compounds by their common name.

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Compound  Boiling Point (°C)

Revan                  54.2

Odion                   64.7

Scabrous              76.7

Malgus                  80.1

2. Use the following data to sketch a cooling curve and calculate the amount of heat lost for 1.5 moles of trihexalon, a biological weapon of mass destruction that needs to be cooled for transport. Start the curve 110 °C and at +16°C ,

Table 2. Thermochemical properties of trihexalon

Boiling Point  93°C

Melting Point  21°C

Heat of Vaporization ( ∆ HVap) 23.7kJ/mol

Heat of Fusion ( ∆ Hfus) 11.7kJ/mol

Molar Heat Capacity 123.1 J/mol  ⋅ °C

Molar Heat Capacity (g) 63.4 J/mol  ⋅ °C

Molar Heat Capacity (s) 27.8 J/mol⋅ °C


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