Childhood Education and Care.

Please check the whole topic in the attachment. I want Australian writer who have knowledge about Early Childhood Education and Care.
I need valid references from the articles. The articles must be from year 2000 up. Please use “poverty and education” for the research (it may help to find the articles). Please contact me if the writer is not clear about the requirement. I don’t want to waste time and money. This time please read my requirement carefully and follow the instruction. I will send the instruction through the attachment.

For this assessment, you will be required to investigate the needs of those from ‘low socio-economic status communities’ and outline the application of pedagogical possibilities for educational settings that serve these communitiesUse critical theory to justify your suggestions. You will need to assess and question the content and intent of current government policies related to this areaMake recommendations for future policies and practices to promote positive social change and how this change could be ledUse critical theory to justify the change decision you have made.

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Written submissions should be approximately 2500 words in length and professionally presented. All submissions must comply with the requirements listed in the Student Handbook for this course.

Making criteria:

  • The essay demonstrates an understanding and analysis of Australia current social situation, as well as appropriate pedagogical practices.
  • Clearly assesses and questions the intent and content of policies
  • Consistent application of critical theory to assessment or decisions
  • Detailed identification of effective strategies for leading community change
  • Comprehensive understanding for the needs of those from low socio economic communities
  • Clear evidence of an understanding of current policies and practices.
  • Relevant future directions are identified clearly.
  • Applies and interprets theory, skills and knowledge effectively in discussion of the essay topic
  • Written communication style is clear and confident
  • Overall presentation is of a good standard with legibility, language, spelling, punctuation, grammar, presentation and layout in accordance with course expectations
  • Ideas are explained clearly and partially explored
  • Subject matter is explored in a clear and logical manner with evidence of
  • organisation and research



Please see the following guideline from the teacher:

You are required:

  1. Investigate the needs of those from ‘low socio economic’ status communities

– define poverty?

– Go to ABS (Australian demographics in an Australia Bureau of Statistics) to find the number of children who live in low socio economic status communities.

What defines —-à low income

—–> Employment opportunities

—à Access to services/resources

—-à Access quality education

Decide which low socio economic needs are? Eg: access to service……


  1. Outline the application of pedagogical possibilities for education settings that serve the communities
  • Define pedagogy
  • Teaching children in poverty
  • Look into across (reaching)/ Redcross


  1. Use critical theory to justify your suggestion
  • Critical theory perspective: eg: childcentred, innovative, flexible
  • EYLF educator guide


  1. You will need to access and question the content and intent of current government policies related to this area.

For example:

  • Emphasis on school readiness in preschool pushing for academic outcome
  • Emphasis on economy over society and community
  • Funding for preschool
  • Current research: ECA, community CC, Lady Gowie
  • Google news in Australia
  • Supporting low socio economy service school communities


  1. Make recommendations for future policies/ practices to promote positive social change and how this change could be led.
  • Own perspective/own ideology
  • Important outcomes
  • Social justice is important or do we need to balance things?

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