Choose a topic and write about it

Introduction and Contribution to Grade

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This class will introduce you to a wide variety of concepts that deal with the human body. Some of these you will find boring; others will hopefully interest you! As part of your lecture grade for this course, you will be asked to complete a final project – your chance to use your own unique skills and creativity to showcase your knowledge of an area of A&P that you find most interesting. The topic and the way you present it are up to you!

The first thing you need to do is choose a topic for your project. It can be a physiological process, a particular tissue or organ, or an organ system. It could be about skeletal system, integumentary system, cell biology, joints of the skeleton

Ideas for Projects

Every student learns differently, and therefore every student teaches differently as well! Your job is to teach ME something that you have learned about in this course. Because you all have different skills and interests, you can choose the venue by which you impart this information. There will be points for creativity, so don’t just write a three-page paper on homeostasis! You can choose to use writing, music, computer skills, art…whatever you like! If you want to run your idea by me first, go ahead! Some ideas you might choose to consider (but you may certainly come up with your own) are:

Write a poem

Compose a song/rap lyrics

Design a web page

Build a model

Paint a picture

Write a scene for a movie script

Design a computer animation/video clip

Design a game

If you would like to talk with me about an idea for your project, that’s totally fine. You can talk to me after class or e-mail me. I’m happy to give you feedback on the feasibility and potential success of your project. This way I can let you know if I see any potential problems with your project, and make sure that you’re on your way to finishing it!


You will be graded based on both the content of your project and the creativity of your method of delivery! Make sure that your project TEACHES me what you know about your topic…a picture of a cell is not enough! Your project needs to be educational! Grades will be calculated as follows:

Quality of content30 points

Is the content presented accurate?

Is there sufficient content covered to adequately teach someone about the topic?

How much research did the student perform to put together the project?

Effectiveness of medium25 points

Does the medium selected effectively impart the information?

How easily would a student learn about this topic from this medium?

Creativity of delivery20 points

How unique is the project chosen?

Was sufficient thought and effort put into its design?

Quality of finished product20 points

Was sufficient time/effort put into the building/making of the project?

Does the appearance of the finished project reflect the student’s effort?

Timeliness of presentation5 points

Were both the idea for the project and the project itself submitted on time?

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