Compare normal distributions with Sampling Distributions, statistics homework help

Respond with at least a 125 words per question. Peer reviewed for references

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1 Compare normal distributions with Sampling Distributions.

2 Describe a few different types of sampling, and how to go about identifying the sample; both random and nonrandom sampling.

3 How can provide point and confidence interval estimates in personal and professional settings.

4 Define AND distinguish between normal distributions and sampling distributions. What are some potential examples of each type of distribution from your workplace?

5 Define margin of error and confidence level. How does each affect sample size? What is the recommended sample size for the following populations? What does the relationship between the population and sample size seem to indicate?

a. 200?

b. 2000?

c. 20000?

d. 200000?

6 What is the sample size for 2,000,000? How does this differ for a population of 200,000? What does this mean/what does this tell us about sample size?

NOTE: Use to determine the sample size for each (leave margin of error at 5%, confidence level at 95%, and response distribution at 50%).

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