Cons Of Abortion

Abortions should be illegalized unless there are special circumstances and appropriate reasoning. One reason is because many people have taken advantage of legal abortions and use it as a form of birth control. Another reason being that killing an unborn is morally wrong and that it’s considered murder. Third, almost all women experience both physical and psychological disabilities whether they’re minor or very serious.

An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by loss or destruction of the fetus before birth. An abortion may be spontaneous or induced. The latter is an act with ethical and legal ramifications.

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Many women experience physical and psychological complications after they have had an abortion. This leads to complications in their behavior and therefore many consider the care of a psychiatric or physician. Statistics prove that the risks of Physical problems among women who have aborted at least once are high. Approximately 10% of women undergoing abortion will have to suffer immediate abortions and about 2% of them are life threatening. Death is a very serious issue for all women considering abortions. Legal abortion is reported as the fifth leading cause of maternal death . Statistics prove that women who have had an abortion are four times more likely to die in the following year than ones that have carried their pregnancies to term are. Abortion is also clearly linked to a dramatic increase in suicide risk. Between 7 to 30% of all women who have aborted have been reported to attempt suicide.

In Canada a study of government funded medical programs showed that 41% of women had to receive psychological treatment after having an abortion. Putting death and suicide aside, there are many other problems that one may have to suffer from. Facing complications in labor and having handicapped newborns. Statistics show that women who have “aborted once are two to three times more likely to having a pre term delivery” Not only does induced abortions increase the risks of pre- term delivery but also increases the risks delayed delivery. Because abortion is associated with cervical and uterine damage, these are the leading causes of handicapped among newborns. The authors found that “if a partner is present and not supportive, the miscarriage rate is more than double and the abortion rate is four times greater than if he is present and supportive. The partner is absent the abortion rate is six times greater.” In total out of 1428 women surveyed, after having aborted, women visited their family doctor 80% more for all reasons possible and 180% of them went for psychosocial reasons.

“Abortion is stressful and emotionally difficult for most women” . As well as having physical problems, more women experience psychological damages. A survey stated that almost eight weeks after having an abortion, 31% of women had regretted the decision. 44% had complained of having nervous disorders, 36% had experienced a loss or disturbances of sleep. Many of these women carry repressed feelings which leads to drug and alcohol abuse. Elliot research institute’s researcher found that women who have aborted their pregnancies are 4 times more likely to get involved with drugs and alcohol. During an interview of 30 women who had aborted, 60% had increased their use or alcohol.

Almost 45% of all abortions performed today are repeat abortions. If abortions were illegalized, a large proportion of repeat abortions can be eliminated. Not as many women would have to go through stress and other physical and psychological disorders. Outlawing abortions can reduce many of these common problems among women.

The three main that women who have aborted give are, “having a baby can change my life”, “If I were to have this baby, it could ruin my career”, or “My partner and I are currently having problems in the relationship” . When asked public opinion, these reasons are quite selfish. It seems as if when there is no where else to turn, the option of abortion will stand out. Knowing that abortions are permitted and available some take it as the easy ticket out.

During the 1970’s, Canada was reported to having one of the highest teenage fertility rates in the world. Among unmarried women, teens have held the highest rate of child bearing in Canada and the United States. As these pregnancy rates have increased, abortion rates had doubled. Between 1975 and 1980 abortion rates have doubled from 20 to 44 abortions per 1000 women who were between the ages of fifteen and nineteen. This shows that many teenagers have been using abortions as a method of contraception to lower their fertility rate.

To those whom consider abortion a negative issue say that, “easy abortion leads to increased promiscuity”; “Available abortions lead to reduced contraceptive use” . If abortion remains legalized it silently and subconsciously encourage selfish and irresponsible behavior among young women who may consider it as a backup plan incase of pregnancy. Since the abortion law made by the Supreme Court in 1973, teenage abortions had risen very greatly in numbers. Abortion rates for adolescents between the ages of 15 and 19 raised from 244,070 to 448,570. That’s an increase of 84%. For girls under the ages of 15, the rate increased to a total of 31% (11630 to 15240).

In 1980’s, there was a decrease in abortion rates. This was due to the fact that the changes in law decreased the number of abortion providers all over Canada. Due to this abortions had decreased by 26% in 1984, 24% in 1989 and 21% in 1991. Looking a little deeper into this, one may come to the consideration that many if not all pregnancies that have been aborted have been due to carelessness in sexual behavior. With the exception of rape, incest or physical harm on the women, the procedure of all abortions should be banned.

Many argue that abortion is immoral and it is in the same category as killing an innocent, newborn baby. All life is present from the moment of conception. Fetuses almost look like newborn infants and possess characteristics, such as a genetic code, that are found in all human beings. Anti abortionists say that “it is always prima facie seriously wrong to take a human life” or “is it always prima facie seriously wrong to end the life of a baby” . Some say it doesn’t make sense to give rights to a being that would never have psychological traits, but one may argue that new born babies don’t have these traits either, but if they were to be killed after birth, one would get charged. Therefore the argument that a fetus does not carry psychological traits is a poor one. Other issues which makes killing a fetus wrong is the loss of the victim’s future.

This can be supported by the consideration that killing is one of the worst crimes. People who know that they are going to die believe, of course, that dying is a very bad thing. These people know that their premature death is bad because they will miss out on what the future may have had to hold for them . For people who are severely ill and wish to die will not have suffered a loss if the were killed because they know they will have to face a future of pain. Abortion may also be compared to animal rights. Our society has always put humans before animals. Our rights are obviously more important than those of animals are. A couple months ago, two men were arrested because they had slit open the bodies of rats and photographed it saying it was art . Those who perform abortions are killing a living fetus, which will grow up to, possess characteristics much more complex than that of a rat.

How can those who perform abortions get away with it and not those who kill rats? Medical science leads to a pro-life perspective rather than a pro-choice perspective. These arguments against abortions are compelling. One being that at conception the embryo is genetically distinct from the mother . It is said that a developing human being is genetically different from its mother because, for one, it is genetically different form the sperm and egg that created it. The DNA of an embryo can be distinguished form the DNA of the sperm and egg that created it. There are other medical arguments supporting the right to life for a fetus. Major one is the definition between life and death. In the past life was defined by the heartbeat. A stopped heartbeat would be a clear indication of death.

By the eighteenth day in the womb, a fetus has a heart. If heartbeats were used to define life than all abortions would be outlawed. In the new age, brainwave activity is used to define death. Fetuses develop ECG patterns in their brains at about 40 to 43 after conception. A flat ECG pattern clearly determines death. Using brain wave activity, at least a majority of abortions could be outlawed. A third issue concerning abortions is if the fetus feels pain. Yes a fetus does feel pain. Try poking an infant with a pin, it will immediately pull away and begin to cry. If you tried to do the same with a fetus, it will open its mouth and pull away. This also causes an increase in the heart rate of the human fetus. Many other medical arguments can be used to try and outlaw abortions. A fetus has unique set of fingerprints, it to is growing and developing, it has the same human like features as we do, and many others.

Abortion is a very controversial subject and there are many debates between the pro-lifers and pro-choice’s. The views of the pro-lifers are that abortion should become banned all over hospitals and clinics. Pro- choicer may not agree with this because they argue that if abortions become banned then women will have to get illegal abortions. This is not true because statistics proved that when abortions were banned in Canada the rate had drop. Women who did not need abortions for a real reason did not get them. This brought down abortion rates considerably. If the number of abortions was decreased this will also decrease problems of physical and psychological stress. In conclusion, there are other ways of dealing with the situation of an unwanted pregnancy. The most one may do is give up the baby for adoption.

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