Descriptive statistics, statistics homework help

Refer to the Week 1 Dataset (SPSS Document), located in the Learning Resources. Use SPSS to open the dataset and complete the following:

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  1. Produce numeric descriptions for the following variables: Age, Sex, BMI, SCI, Stroke, and Hypertension.

    Be sure to use the appropriate descriptive statistics for the level of measurement of the variable (Hint: Use mean and standard deviation for continuous variables and frequency for categorical or nominal ones)

  2. Produce graphical descriptions for the variables listed in part 1. Be sure to use graphical presentations appropriate for the level of measurement of the variable. (Hint: Use Box Plots and Histograms for continuous variables and Bar charts for categorical and nominal ones)
  3. Interpret the results from parts 1 and 2. Produce a narrative that includes information on each of the variables. Again be sure that the narrative is appropriate based on the level of measurement for each variable.


Daniel, WW & Cross, CL. (2013). Biostatistics: A Foundation for Analysis in the Health Sciences. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

  • Chapter 1, “Introduction to Biostatistics” ( pp. 1 –18)
  • Chapter 2, “Descriptive Statistics” ( pp. 19 –64)
  • Chapter 3, “Basic Probability Concepts” ( pp. 65 –91)

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