Did your learning affect your life in any way, or how might it affect the lives of others?Discuss

Math exploration work (using math for finding answer on practical question) for IB school. Last year of high school. Up to 15 pages with double line spacing, 12 pt.

Better if it will be within area of statistics (Example of using correlations as way to indicate a predictive relationship that can be exploited in practice (for example in COVID-19 cases statistics), but not obligatory. The instructions below are very important.

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It has to begin with a (super clear) introduction that sets the context for your exploration and what you aim to find out. This is a great place to show ‘personal engagement’ with the topic you’ve chosen. ‘Why are you particularly interested in this topic?’, ‘is it relevant to any specific part of your life?’, ‘do you have any prior knowledge about this topic?’.

After establishing your personal engagement with the topic, clearly state the aim of your exploration. What are you trying to achieve and how will you arrive at an answer to your question?


The body of your exploration should focus on the particular topic you have chosen to investigate and the relevant math material that will help answer or address the intended aim of the work. A really key point to consider is the level and clarity of Maths used – the IB rewards a lot of marks for the use and communication of Math (so keep this in mind).


We need to include a solid conclusion that summarises the research and work done.

What conclusions did you reach, and did you succeed in exploring the aim that you set out at the beginning!

Importantly, make sure to also discuss some of the challenges in your work and what you would/could explore with more time and more words. Finally, zoom out and think about the further implications of your study.

Did your learning affect your life in any way, or how might it affect the lives of others?

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