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Imagine that you are the founder of a successful start-up company and your company will be hiring many employees in the next 12 months. You are aware of the critical importance to define what is ethical behavior in your company, so you have decided to create a Code of Ethics for your company. You will create a list of the desired ethical behaviors that you believe are important to your company’s success that will be listed in your company’s Code of Ethics. You will send your company’s Code of Ethics to me as an email attachment in the form of a memorandum utilizing the memorandum format that we have learned in class. In your Code of Ethics, you must list a minimum of ten (10) desired behaviors that you wish to communicate to all of your company’s employees to minimize or avoid any ethical dilemmas that may arise with your employees in the course of their performing their jobs. This will require you to think very carefully of what behavior that you want to reinforce in your company to be successful. Please use full, but concise sentences to clearly describe each of your desired ethical behaviors that you want your employees to follow in the performance of their jobs. I will pay close attention to each of your desired behaviors on your lists to make sure that no student is submitting the same desired behaviors as any other student, otherwise both students will receive no extra credit and be subject to disciplinary actions for cheating. You must each create your list individually. As a reminder, here are the four (4) essential parts of a memorandum (see Chapter 2 for more detail): 1) Heading 2) Opening 3) Body 4) Closing/Summary The Code of Ethics Extra Credit Assignment is voluntary, at the same time I would encourage each of you to begin to think about your total number of grade points. Every point helps! Be succinct and concise in your writing because you must fit everything into one (1) page.

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