full lab report of case study

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Case Study:

The manager of the college food services promised the Chancellor of the college a plate of his favorite chocolate chip cookies for the upcoming meeting with the executive council of the Board of Directors. The chocolate chip cookies, a specialty of Chef Rojo’s, are famous across the college campus. The day before the board meeting, Chef Rojo checked the pantries in the main kitchen and discovered that he only had one bag of the special chocolate chips left he needed for his cookies. He placed all of the ingredients onto the lower shelf of the pantry so that he would be ready to bake the cookies first thing the next morning.

Chef Rojo locked the pantry, turned off the kitchen lights and left for the night. When he returned the next morning, he was greeted with a horrific sight. The door to the kitchen had been pried open, and the metal door on the pantry was bent and torn where someone had pried the lock of the pantry door. The ingredients for the cookies were scattered around the kitchen. The bags of sugar and flour were busted on the floor. The open and empty bag of chocolate chips lay on the kitchen counter along with a glass that had lipstick marks on it and a note printed in black marker. The thief had cut his or her hand on the pantry door and left blood stains.

Chef Rojo immediately called the campus authorities to report the tragedy. The criminal justice, genetics and chemistry lab instructors were all then called to the crime scene. The investigators interviewed a group of students who had returned home late from an outing and said that they had seen two professors walking back near the dining hall at 2:00 am. The professors were walking toward the dining hall. One of the professors, Dr. Chandler Bing in history, sat on the

executive council as the faculty representative to the board and would have known about the chocolate chip cookies for the meeting.

Interestingly, both Dr. Bing and the other professor, Dr. Arya Stark in Language Arts, each had a hand bandaged when they were interviewed. The genetics lab instructor confiscated the black markers that were on each professor’s desk for further analysis. Each professor also gave buccal swab sample for DNA analysis.

The following things were set up for the reaction by using the DNA samples from the suspects and the crime scene:

Reaction Tube # Crime scene sample Hinc II digest 1 Crime scene sample Xmn I digest 2 Crime scene sample HincII/XmnI digest 3 Suspect 1 sample Hinc II digest 4 Suspect 1 sample XmnI digest 5 Suspect 1 sample Hinc II/XmnI digest 6 Suspect 2 sample Hinc II digest 7 Suspect 2 sample XmnI digest 8 Suspect 2 sample Hinc II/XmnI digest 9

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