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Imagine you are a 5th grade teacher in a full inclusionmodel classroom with 28 students. The class is being co-taught by you and aspecial education teacher. Three students are ELL, five have an IEP for variousmild/ moderate disabilities including two students who have been identified ashaving an emotional/behavioral disability. 

Madison B. is one of your non ELL, non-disabled students. Madison’s mom, Mrs. Bis a concerned parent and indicates that Maddy comes home complaining aboutboredom; there are too many other kids in the class and Maddy has to wait along time to get help. 

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Part 1: 
Explain in a detailed one- to two-paragraph response how will you address Mrs.B’s concerns and help her feel that you and your classroom is a good fit forMaddy? Consider how you will handle this concern to make the class supportMaddy’s needs. What will you tell the mom and what will you do differently inthe classroom for Maddy? How will you continue to support the needs of theother students at the same time?

Be mindful that most principals expect the teacher(s) to differentiate theinstruction in order for all students to benefit from the instruction. 

Part 2: 
In a separate paragraph, explain your view of full inclusion in this kind of asituation.

Part 3: 
Construct a two-to-four page reflection, not including title and referencepages, following proper APA 6th edition formatting requirements that describesyour vision for inclusion practices of diverse populations such as in thisexample.  In an unbiased perspective, explain how you would handle thissituation in your current or future classroom. Use citations from reliable webpages, journals, and scholarly articles to help you formulate a solid response.Be sure to use at least two references to support your decision.

  • Use citations from reliable web pages, journals, andscholarly articles to help you formulate a solid response. Be sure to useat least two references to support your decision.
  • Writing will contain no errors in grammar, spelling, orpunctuation.
  • Paragraphs will include clear topic sentence andtransition sentences making the writing flow.
  • Submit the assignment for evaluation not later than thefinal due date listed on your course schedule.

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