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Demonstrate your understanding of the concepts covered in this course bydeveloping a plan to assess learner performance. This plan should beconstructed in your portfolio blog, and should include the followingelements:

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  • Purpose and Learning Outcome: Describe the purpose of your assessment plan.  Then, write a learning outcome that supports the purpose you have described.
    • Tip: This purpose must involve the learning of some knowledge or skill.
    • Tip: Refer back to Chapter 6 of your textbook for information on learning outcomes.
  • Assessment Context: Identify a task or a situation in which the learners will be able to demonstrate the knowledge or skills they have gained.
  • Holistic Rubric: Create a fully developed holistic rubric for one of the two assessments you designed.
    • Tip: You can use Bloom’s Taxonomyto adjust the level of cognitive rigor in the assignment.  For example,asking learners to “describe” a concept is easier than asking them to“apply” it.
  • Testing Constraints: Identify the constraints you will impose on the assessment.

Then, write a 3- to 5-page paper (excluding title and reference pages)that explains and supports your assessment plan.  Justify your selectionof assessment context, evaluate your holistic rubric, and explain whyyou selected the testing constraints you did.  Remember that theultimate goal of assessment and assessment plans is to promote learning.Your paper should include a link to your portfolio blog, and should beformatted to APA standards.

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