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A.  Compile an annotated list of references in APA format of 10 multicultural in the following selected categories that are appropriate for classroom use (Specify the appropriate age(s) and/or grade level(s) for each book):

•  African culture
•  Asian culture
•  Native American culture
•  Mexican or Central American culture
•  Urban American culture
•  Rural American culture

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Note: You may substitute one or two of the above cultures with others that are more representative of your area. Please identify the local choices more clearly if a substitution occurs. Include from at least six different cultures.

Note: Include a variety of genres including, but not limited to, folktales, myths and fables, poetry, modern fiction, nonfiction, or biography.

1.  Specify the following for each book in the annotated list:

a.  Reference information in APA format:

•  Title

•  Author

•  Date of publication

•  Publisher

b.  Appropriate age and/or grade level(s)

c.  Topic or Theme

d.  Genre

e.  Cultural category

•  Honors awarded (if any)

B.  Include a brief description of each book.

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