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“The complexity of financing in health care is one of the primarycharacteristics of medical care delivery in the United States” (Shi& Singh, 2012, p. 129). There are numerous reimbursement methods(e.g., capitation, fee-for-service, package pricing, etc.) that are usedby health care organizations and providers to get paid for the healthcare services that they provide. Building upon your Individual Projectfrom Phase 1, construct a PowerPoint presentation of 10–12 slides withspeaker notes of 100–150 words per slide that contains the following:

  • Summarize 3 different reimbursement methods that are used by health care providers and organizations.
  • Choosewhich method(s) will work best for the health care facility that youhave proposed to be developed, and explain why you chose that method(s).
  • Discuss the pros and cons of the reimbursement method(s) that you chose.
  • Discuss the impact that the method(s) may have on the financial operations of the facility that you chose.

Note: You should include a minimum of 3 references, properly cited in APA format.

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Phase 1 Individual Project is attached.  MobileHealthCareClinics.docx 

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