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1. The term “clone” is a reference to a computer’s:


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2. An algorithm is BEST defined as:

  logic forhow to  write an operating system.

  stages forhow to create a computer language.

  rules forfinding a solution to a problem in a defined number of steps.

  reasons that define how computerscientists select languages.

3.  Many peopledescribe computers as “complex” machines. What can this mean?

  Computersare smarter than humans.

  Computersare understood by very few people because of their intricate technicalcomponents .

  Computersrun software programs with hard to use features.

  Computershave had  both a positive and negativeeffect on  society.

 4. Which of thefollowing is NOT a component of the von Neumann architecture of a computer?


  Arithmeticlogic unit

  Control unit


 5.The term“computer literacy” dates back to what decade?

  1960s, 1970s,1980s,  1990s

6. Which is NOT a function associated with a motherboard?





7. Which of the following is an operating system?

  Microsoft,  MAC,  Apple, Windows

.8. How many generations of computer languages have therebeen since the middle of the 20th century?


.9. Computers are not just stand-alone desktop machinesanymore. They are often embedded in common appliances and technology that weuse every day. Which of the following does NOT have a computer in it?



  Cell phone


10. Which of the following components was a significantdevelopment featured in the Macintosh LISA computer?

   C Prompt

  DiskOperating System

   Graphical User Interface)


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