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The Effects of Europe’s Industrial Revolution

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When an individual lives during what will later beconsidered a “revolution,” he or she often only experiences a few ofthe notable changes for which the revolution will be known. Obviously, it isdifficult to see every perspective of change from just one place in a lengthyand complex revolution. In this assignment, however, you will be challenged toexperience Europe’s Industrial Revolution from the perspective of oneindividual who will live through it all and who will understand the impact ofthe revolution as it pertains to his role from the beginning to the end.

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To prepare for this Application:

Review pages 30-45 in The World Today: Concepts and Regionsin Geography (6th Ed) by de Blij, Muller & Nijman

Consider the diverse changes Europe experienced during theIndustrial Revolution

Reflect on the experience of a peasant farmer during theIndustrial Revolution, and how the changing landscape of Europe might haveimpacted him and his role

The assignment:

Compose a 2-page essay in which you trace the experience ofthe peasant farmer during the Industrial Revolution. Be sure to analyze each ofthe following characteristics:

What elements did England possess that made it a naturalstarting point for the Industrial Revolution?

In which ways did the agricultural model of Europe have tochange to meet the growing populations in urban areas? How must the peasantfarmer react to continue to make a living?

How did trade evolve – specifically regarding the change inexports and imports? How does this new trade impact the peasant farmer?

In which ways did the population experience change inmobility and social freedom? What changes might the peasant farmer experienceas a result of this?

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