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Write a paragraph describing how you went about preparing and writing. Beginby explaining your purpose for writing and identifying your intended audience.Were there any assumptions you made about your readers knowledge of the subjector their expectations of your writing?

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Make note of what comes to mind as you think about your pastwriting experience. Questions for consideration: How long did it take beforeyou started putting your ideas on paper? What kind of plan did you have? Didyou use an outline, or another pre-writing strategy? Did your plan evolve asyou worked? Did you change anything as you were writing? What revisions, ifany, did you make after completing your first draft? Did other people play arole in helping you develop your ideas and plans?


“Not all readers are writers”  (Kurland, 2000) That’s me in a nutshell. My purpose for writing was just to get thepaper turned in. I never thought about the audience who was reading my paper.All I knew was I had to get it done. In collegewe are excepted to write many different kinds of papers, and CRJ422 capstone wasno different. Sheer horror set in as this wasn’t like any paper. We wereexcepted to write a twenty page paper. Our instructor was a brilliant man bythe name of  Sheldon Silver.  He always told us to stay positive, and if we were to come overwhelmed we could sendhim a email. He answered back saying not to panic.  He told me to make a outline. Then under eachpoint write one sentence, after each sentence write a paragraph. He said tolook for sources I can use in my paper, and then expand on that. However, I didnot listen and decided to take on the whole project all at once.

My plan did not evolve as I worked, or did Imake a outline. I printed off the rubric. The rubric had strict instructions onhow to complete the project. I followed step by step careful not to missanything. Than I began looking for sources, I looked in the Ashford Library, onceI retrieved the number of sources needed, I began looking on the internet. Iremembered reading were .gov sources were reliable. Those were some of thesources I used. I did not test many of my sources. I was just worried to getthe paper turned in on time. Taking it day by day, word by word, I finallyfinished my paper. I knew from past experience to always let someone look over,for mistakes. So, I sent the paper to a friend. I revised my paper, then turnedit in. One important thing I how know is to think about the person who will bereading my paper.


Kurland (2000).What Is Critical Reading. Retrieved March 19, 2014, fromhttp://www.criticalreading.com/critical_reading.htm

Can someone look this over to see if it is okay or I need to revise it thanks

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