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15. In a particular country, itis known that college seniors report falling in love an

average of 2.20 times duringtheir college years. A sample of five seniors, originally

from that country but who havespent their entire college career in the

United States, were asked howmany times they had fallen in love during their

college years. Their numbers were2, 3, 5, 5, and 2. Using the .05 significance

level, do students like these whogo to college in the United States fall in love

more often than those from theircountry who go to college in their own country?

(a) Use the steps of hypothesistesting. (b) Sketch the distributions involved.

(c) Explain your answer to someonewho is familiar with the Z test

(from Chapter 5) but is unfamiliar with the t testfor a single sample.


18. Twenty students randomlyassigned to an experimental group receive an

instructional program; 30 in acontrol group do not. After 6 months, both groups

are tested on their knowledge.The experimental group has a mean of 38 on the

test (with an estimatedpopulation standard deviation of 3); the control group

has a mean of 35 (with anestimated population standard deviation of 5). Using

the .05 level, what should theexperimenter conclude? (a) Use the steps of

hypothesis testing, (b) sketchthe distributions involved, and (c) explain your

answer to someone who is familiarwith the t test for a single sample but not

with the t test for independent means.


18. A psychologist studyingartistic preference randomly assigns a group of 45 participants

to one of three conditions inwhich they view a series of unfamiliar abstract

paintings. The 15 participants inthe Famous condition are led to believe that

these are each famous paintings;their mean rating for liking the paintings is 6.5

(S = 3.5). The 15 in theCritically Acclaimed condition are led to believe that

these are paintings that are notfamous but are very highly thought of by a group

of professional art critics;their mean rating is 8.5 (S = 4.2 ). The 15 in the Control

condition are given no special informationabout the paintings; their mean rating

is 3.1 (S = 2.9 ). Does whatpeople are told about paintings make a difference

in how well they are liked? Usethe .05 level. (a) Use the steps of hypothesis testing; (c) figure the effectsize for the study; (d) explain your answer to part (a) to someone who isfamiliar with the t test for independent means but is unfamiliar withanalysis of variance


11. Make up a scatter diagramwith 10 dots for each of the following situations:

(a) perfect positive linearcorrelation, (b) large but not perfect positive linear

correlation, (c) small positivelinear correlation, (d) large but not perfect negative

linear correlation, (e) nocorrelation, (f) clear curvilinear correlation.

13. Four young children weremonitored closely over a period of several weeks to

measure how much they watchedviolent television programs and their amount

of violent behavior toward theirplaymates. The results were as follows:

Child Code number

Weekly Viewing of
Violent TV (hours

Number of Violent orAggressive
Acts Toward Playmates













(a) Make a scatter diagram of thescores; (b) describe in words the general pattern of correlation, if any; (c)figure the correlation coefficient; (d) figure whether the correlation isstatistically significant

(use the .05 significance level,two-tailed); (e) explain the logic of what

you have done, writing as if youare speaking to someone who has never heard

of correlation (but who doesunderstand the mean, deviation scores, and hypothesis

testing); and (f) give threelogically possible directions of causality, indicating

for each direction whether it isa reasonable explanation for the correlation

inlight of the variables involved (and why).

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