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1. A noncompetitive inhibitor inhibits binding of a substrate to an enzyme by

A) binding to the substrate.

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B) binding to the active site.

C) lowering the activation energy.

D) increasing the ΔG of the reaction.

E) changing the shape of the active site.

2. The proton-motive force is

A) ATP synthase.

B) the proton concentration gradient and electric charge difference.

C) a metabolic pathway. 

D) a redox reaction.

E) None of the above

3.  When a photon is absorbed by chlorophyll,

A) the chlorophyll becomes “excited,” or energized.

B) a greater number of light wavelengths can be absorbed.

C) ATP is split into ADP, phosphate, and energy.

D) hydrogen ions are released. 

E) the chlorophyll molecules fluoresce. 

4.  Photorespiration 

A) results in CO2 fixation.

B) uses ATP and NADPH produced in the light reactions.

C) generates a proton gradient.

D) results in the synthesis of glucose.

E) All of the above

5.  Describe the process of aerobic respiration. Explain each step, how they are connected, what important products are produced, and how the proton-motive force drives production of ATP by ATP Synthase.

6.  Under what circumstances are aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration used?

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