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Prepare anddeliver a 5-minute supporting one-point PowerPoint presentation on a topic ofyour choice related to the IT profession.

Write apreparation outline: SupportingOne-Point Outline. 

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Choose threetypes of supporting materials to support your point.

Develop a 3-slideMicrosoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes,to highlight the supporting material. This requires research and skillfulhandling of the effective use of language and supporting material. Thisassignment stresses audience analysis and adaptation. 

Submit a 5-minutesupporting one-point PowerPoint presentation and your outline to theassignments tab.

Outline below:

Use the outline to help you prepare your presentation.

Begin by selecting a point of view you want to support.Think about the audience for your presentation. What do you know about theaudience that might help you select supporting material? 

What are the three strongest reasons to support your pointof view?




You might, forexample, select extended example, statistics, and testimony. Arrange yoursupporting material in order of strength; the strongest must be Supporting Point3.

Develop a conclusion that leaves the audience at a high point.Write the final sentences of the conclusion and add to the outline. Write anintroduction that grabs the audience’s attention. Write the first two sentencesand add to the outline. 

Fill your information in the outline provided below.

I. Introduction  (Writeout first two sentences)

II. Supporting material (Only three) The following is anexample:

A.Extended example



III. Conclusion (Write out last few sentences)

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