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write php code and comment in evry step

1)  Create a string containingthe names of each month (January February …) in proper order. There should betwelve values. Use the explode functionality to convert this string into anarray.

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2)  Create a string containingthe abbreviated names of each month (Jan Feb …) in proper order. There shouldbe twelve values. Use the explode functionality to convert this string into anarray.

3)  Create a loop that traversesthese arrays and displays the numeric value of each month along with the longand short name of that month.

4)  Sort the long names of themonths so they are in alphabetical order. Implode the names into a text stringand display the resultant string.

5)  Create a multi-dimensionalarray containing twelve rows. This structure should contain columns holding thelong name each month, the short name of that month, and the number of days inthat month.

6)  Create a loop structure totraverse the array and display the long and short name of each month having 30days.

7)  Create an array containingthe names of your image files for your dice. There should be six values.

8)  Create a loop that traversesthe die array and display the numeric value of each die and its associatedimage.

9)  Create a nested loop thatdisplays all of the die combinations you could possibly roll with two dice.Display the value for each die, the image of the dice, and the total value ofthe roll.

10)  Generate a random numberbetween 1 and 12. Display the number. Create a nested loop to display all the twodice rolls possible to achieve that number along with the image of each die(i.e. the chosen value was 4, there are three ways to roll a 4: 1-3, 2-2, and3-1).

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