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Take a moment to watch the Five-Year-Olds Pilot Their Own Project Learning video below:

“Themes and projects are strategies for breaking away rigid designatedtime blocks…Thematic teaching allows children to investigate topicsthoroughly in an integrated manner…Project work has been shown to be asuccessful method of meeting standards” (Benson & Miller, 2008; Helm2008).  Review Chapter 16 of the required text for more informationabout thematic teaching.  Locate a set of standards for math and scienceand describe a cross-curricular, student-centered project that meetsthose standards in an integrated way.

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Option One:
Share three math content standards and three science content standards. Then, develop a project that meets these standards.  Describe yourproject and identify two ways in which this project is developmentallyappropriate.  Also explain your approach for making your projectchild-centered.

You may view the following resource for more information: Project Based Learning for the 21st Century.

Option Two
Interview two early childhood teachers about long-term, cross-curricularprojects that they have implemented in their classroom, and discuss thestandards addressed in these projects.  Share the details of theseprojects with the class.

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