[Get Answer ]-Psy325 Statistics For The Behavioral Amp Social Sciences 10 Question Quiz 6

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The n-1 in the denominatorof a correlation formula indicates _________. (Points : 1)

 a multiple correlation
 a negative correlation
 a correlation designed for a group of data of any size
 a correlation from sample data

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Which of the following defines alinear relationship between variables? (Points : 1)

 As one variable rises and falls, the other does likewise.
 The relationship is positive or negative, but not both.
 The relationship between variables depends upon the range of the data.
 As one variable increases or decreases, the other tends to level o

Under what circumstances would SEest= 0? (Points : 1)

 If sy = 0
 If sy = 1.0
 If rxy= 0
 If rxy = 1.0

Two variables are considered to beindependent if the correlation of scores on the variables turns out to beclose to___. (Points : 1)


Another name for the b valuein a regression solution is _________. (Points : 1)

 the intercept
 the regression coefficient
 the error term
 the criterion value

Theoretically, the standard errorof the estimate is ___________. (Points : 1)

 the mean of all possible error scores
 the sum of all possible error scores
 the standard deviation of all error scores
 the sum of all error score variances

Each point in a scatter plotrepresents which of the following? (Points : 1)

 A predicted value
 A measure of either the x or the y variable
 The group to which the measure belongs
 The measure of both variables

The coefficient of determination(rxy2) is defined by __________. (Points : 1)

 the statistical relationship between x and y.
 how linear the relationship between x and y is.
 how much of y can be explained by changes in x.
 the variation in the x/y relationship due to chance.

A negative correlation betweenthe predictor and criterion variables will be reflected in __________.(Points : 1)

 an increased error in the prediction
 a non-linear relationship between x and y
 a regression line that declines left to right
 a solution that predicts unusually low values of y

Since a correlation of +1 isconsidered “perfect,” a correlation of -1 is as “imperfect” as can be.(Points : 1)


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