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Question Description

For thepurpose of this assignment please do the following:

1.Develop a research question related to the research topics proposed.

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2.Conduct a secondary research (literature review) of topics related to yourresearch question. Summarize the studies you review and provide key informationrelated to the study results. I think you should plan on conducting aliterature review of two topics. That would probably end up to be three or sodouble spaced pages for each topic in the literature review.

3.Summarize key points from the literature review and how they inform yourresearch question.

Theoutline would look something like this:


Table ofContents


Overviewof research question

LiteratureReview – Topic One

LiteratureReview – Topic Two

Summaryof Literature Review


Appendices- Tables or anything you want to include.

Thispaper needs to be 8 to 10 pages in length – not including the title page, tableof contents, references, or appendices.

Selectedtopic for research is: Traits,behaviors, and skills that contribute to leadership effectiveness”

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