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Can you assist me with the following:

Review the article “Single-Subject Design”(http://www.practicalpress.net/updatenov05/SingleSubject.html) and thePowerPoint presentation “Single-Subject Designs.” (POWERPOINT IS BELOWIN FILES). Also view the video, ABAB Withdrawal Designs, on how to readthe collected data(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBcu_8P495Q&feature=youtu.be). Then,read the case study Level C, Case 2 from Measuring Behavior(http://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/ICS-014.pdf). PLEASE BE ORIGINAL.

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In a two-three page paper doubled spaced,briefly please address ALL the following:

Identify the independent variable (IV) and dependent variable (DV) from the case study Level C, Case 2.
Identify the behavior that needs to be changed or treated. Thebehavior must be specified as clearly as possible in order for it to bereliably measured.
Explain how you can create a single-subject design for this student. Use key vocabulary words as part of your description.
Include how to read data collection charts to determine if your design is effectively managing the targeted behavior.
Use the data collected in the study to design an ABA change formatfor Rachel. Include at least three short-term, measurable goals, andone long-term measurable goal.
 USE AT LEAST ONE SCHOLARY source and the sources already provided.


If you have any questions or the poewrpoint have not been uploaded; do not hesitate to message me.

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