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1. What is the percent defective if you have a one-sided specification and your standard normal variable Z is zero?

A. < 10 %

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B. > 90 %

C. About 25%

D. 50 %

2. The average run length (ARL) for a Shewart Control Chart while the process is still in control is?

A. 1/P

B. 1/alpha

C. 1/Beta

D. 1/(1-P)

3. If you reject the nulkl hypothesis when in reality it was true, you have committed

a:A. Type I error

B. Type II error

C. Faux pas

D. A and B

4. When you change the confidence level from 95 % to 99% the confidence intervals get smaller you have a higher confidence.

A. True

B. False

5.You want to track the syntax error per 1000 lines of code written. What type of control chart would be available to you?

A. NP Chart

B. P Chart

C. C Chart

D. U and C chart

6. What type of factors should be in a control plan?

A. The statistical analysis of the project

B. The project leader’s contact info if the process goes out of control again

C. Operational defintra of the imput and/ or output

D. All of the above

7. In order for a lean six sigma team to understand the resistancethat members of an organization may have for a proposed recommendation and change, what tool would be most helpful.

A. Nominal Group Tecnique

B. Mindmapping

C. Brainstorming

D. Force Field analysis

8. If you are measuring and tracking the high level matric of market share, what type of chart would you use.

A. P- Chart

B. IMR Chart

C. Run Chart

D. EWWA or Cusum control chart

9. You wish to track the percent defective on shipment of raw material from a vendor what type of control chart would you use.

A. P- Chart

B. IMR Chart

C. U- Chart

D. C- Chart

10. Which of the following is a good example of a Poisson distribution.

A. Perfect defective in a lot

B. Number of people living in large metropolina area

C. Number of hurricane per season in the Atlantic

D. None of the above

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