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*Must follow all directions. Incomplete, wrong or low quality work won’t be accepted. Don’t just jump in and take the work if you don’t know what you are doing or if you are not going to follow the directions.

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Read and analyze following situation(Ebola Outbreak a Test for Data Mining provided in link) using the full Socio-Technical model.  Evaluate as a professional.   Use what information you can find from the one article, but if you want to search and find more information on the same story to include, that’s fine.  This is an exercise in writing in a way to professionally analyze and critically evaluate a technology implementation. Nothing in your paper should be about buying, or selling, or anything to do with sales or purchasing.  This is about evaluating technology for the sake of technology. Think about your reader; make sure you are writing to a professional audience.  Avoid a narrative style; use headings and tables rather than a story.

Ebola Outbreak a Test for Data Mining http://www.informationweek.com/healthcare/analytics/ebola-outbreak-a-test-for-data-mining-analytics/d/d-id/1316666

Remember, if you don’t have all the information, you may need to do more Google searches to decide what technology might be involved.  Each article has at least one link to a site or display.

Your paper must include:

1)  Section headings.  Organize your thoughts.  You will be marked down if you do not present your paper with paragraphs and headings relevant to the specifics in this assignment.

2) Executive summary with recommendation.  PLEASE DO NOT start your paper with anything sounding like “Nowadays” or “Today’s world is rapidly changing” or “In today’s rapidly changing world” or “Technology is always changing” or any other unnecessary, wordy platitude.  You will be marked down.  You will also be marked down if you fail to state a recommendation in the summary.  Talking about a recommendation, like “I have two recommendations”, is NOT the same as stating a recommendation.

3) Write a situational analysis.  Describe the situation as it exists.  Critically review the situation as it currently exists.  Critically review technology as presented. Advance your description by describing the socio-technical systems involved.  Socio-technical analysis allows us to use an analytical framework to cover all the interactions.  An example of using Socio-Technical Analysis is here:  http://www.computingcases.org/case_materials/therac/analysis/SocioTechnical_Analysis.html  Your description should include:

  • Hardware:  what hardware components, such as computers or network electronics, can you describe from the readings or from what you know about technology.
  • Software:  Consider operating systems, utilities, applications, specialized code.
  • Physical surroundings:  Buildings, doors, locks, access controls.
  • People:  Who are the people, what is their job role.
  • Data:  What data are collected?  Archived?  Made available?  Databases?  What types of data – personal, confidential?
  • Time:  When did all of this happen?  Has time caused anything to evolve or change?
  • Patterns:  Are there any patterns of use, patterns of oversight, patterns of neglect, patterns of testing?
  • Procedures:  How do things get done?  Where does a process start and end?  Who has authority?  How do they get that authority?
  • Laws and regulations:  What laws and regulations applied?  Privacy issues?  Constitutional issues?  Legal issues?  Regulatory issues?

4) Evaluation criteria that you will use to present a response. What are the important values to consider when developing and measuring a response or solution in the article?  What laws or regulations must be considered?  Consider which criteria you use; how do your criteria relate to material covered in the course?  What goals does the organization have?  Support your criteria.

5)  Analyze the results.

Consider each piece of the socio-technical analysis, and compare each item to the evaluation criteria.  What are the gaps?  What aspects lead to specific concerns?  What risks are presented?  How likely are those risks?  What harm could occur?

6) Proposal:  What you propose to do, with comparison of your recommendations to the evaluation criteria.  Address each of the concerns from your analysis. We analyze to uncover gaps and problems.  We propose solutions to address gaps and problems.  Cover each concern with a recommendation.

7) Conclusion.  Close your paper with important points that you want your reader to remember.

8)  References should your reader want to follow-up.  Your references MUST include the article that you selected originally.

9) Your paper must be no more than 5 pages.  More words does not necessarily make it better; at times, being wordy just obscures your points and makes it harder for the reader.

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