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Texas is home to more than one million undocumented immigrants and mostof them are stuck in low-paying jobs.  Meanwhile, the state also suffersfrom a lack of skilled workers.  The Texas Workforce Commissionestimates that 133,000 jobs are currently unfilled, many becauseemployers cannot find qualified applicants.  Texas was the first stateto pass a law that allows children of undocumented immigrants to payin-state college tuition rates if they have lived in Texas for threeyears and plan to become permanent residents.  The law passed easilyback in 2001 because most legislators believed that producing collegegraduates and keeping them in Texas benefits the business community.  Inaddition, since college graduates earn more money, they also providethe state with more revenue.  Carol Capaldo wishes to estimate the meanhourly wages of 30 Texas workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher, 30Texas workers with only a high school diploma, and 30 Texas workers whodid not finish high school.

The attached Excel data file contains the hourly wage of Texasworkers based on the three education levels; bachelor’s degree, highschool diploma, no high school diploma. 

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In a report, use the above information to:

1. Use descriptive statistics to compare the hourly wages of the three education levels.

2. Construct and interpret 95% confidence intervals for the mean hourly wage at each education level.


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