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Family involvement is one predictor to successful school partnershipsand educational outcomes for young children.  In Week 2 we are exploringthe role of family support in a child’s learning and development.  Wemust consider diverse family structures and practices, which may bedifferent than our own.  Diverse families might include various familystructures, grandparents as parents, single parents, gay or lesbianparents as well as foster families.  Further, the supports that thesedifferent family structures might provide are essential ingredients toearly childhood development.

Share your reflections on the importance and role of family support in achild’s learning and development.  In your initial post, addressing thefollowing:

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  • How do your professional experiences with diverse familiesimpact the way that you interact, or will interact with children andtheir families?
  • Expound on the skills and dispositions that are required tosuccessfully engage families in respectful and inclusive ways.  Classifyat least two skills and two dispositions you believe are necessary forthis to occur.
  • Employ the required (and recommended) resources to assist you in your discussion together. 

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