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As a parent or the mother of a 12 year old son, write anessay on parenting in the amount of 1800 words. This must include the following6 subtopics. Each subtopic must have a minimum 300 words. This must be in firstperson language with no references. (Background information is attached).

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Subtopic 1: discuss the development of parentingskills

Subtopic 2: discuss parental values and attitudesthat accompany stages in the development of the child

Subtopic 3: analyze methods of effective guidance

Subtopic 4: discuss the role of discipline; compareand contrast discipline with punishment

Subtopic 5: discuss constructive and destructiveelements in parenting styles; identify at least three categories of parentingstyles; include an overview of the parenting behaviors associated with each styleand the results obtained from each

Subtopic 6: discuss the challenges to responsible andeffective parenting presented by contemporary society

Eachsubtopic must include all four areas below (note the description below):

1.  Description of Concrete Experience

Description: Concrete experience represents your personalparticipation with the people, places, activities, and events of anexperience.  You should describe yourinvolvement relative to the experience, demonstrating the opportunity forlearning.


Description: Reflections represent your thinking andprocessing relative to the experience. You should demonstrate your learning by describing the knowledge,skills, and attitudes developed through the reflective process.


Description: Generalizations, principles, and theoriesare constructs that organize and guide academic learning.  A typical college course is built aroundseveral such generalizations, principles, and/or theories. 

In this stage, you identify and describe thegeneralizations, principles, and/or theories to demonstrate your learningoutcomes.  These learning outcomes resultfrom analyzing and reflecting on your experience.  The generalizations, principles, and/ortheories should be comparable to those addressed in typical college courses andshould match the course description selected.

4.Testing and Application

Description: Testingand/or application represent situations in which the new learning can beused.  You should describe how you did,or could in the future, test and/or apply what you learned.

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