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Yes, is the simplicity to thisquestion? Global warming has become a phenomenon that scientist has studied forcenturies, however, shortly after the booming influence of historicalindustrial developments; quality of earth ecosystems have been threaten withextinctions. Global warming is a problematicissue that is destroying our only viable living and breathing environment, withno other alternative planet to inhabit and repopulate within the entire solarsystem Human’s consumption on energy has given rise to the increase offossil fuels manufacturing; resulting in the dangerously increased levels within our breathing air. Fromspecie extinctions to marine deterioration to heath impact on global societies,global warming has become a formidable adversary. We must use caution to savethe only planet that can sustain our way of living. In fact “In 2009, Doran and KendallZimmerman25 surveyed all the climate scientists who were familiar with thedata. They found that 95-99% agreed that global warming is real and humancaused” (Prothero, 2012)

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The purpose of this project is tounderstand the relationship between human behaviors and their destructive normsof resource consumptions that are continuously causing catastrophiccontributions and conditions within our atmosphere. Global warming has been linked to the increase in atmospherictemperatures, increased severity of weather patterns, and the deterioration ofmany ecosystems; infecting very living breathing creature. Deriving of thehistorical industrial period within the US, companies have released exorbitantamount of dangerous and health infecting chemical agents into the very air webreathe.Since the inception of theindustrial period, foreign supplies of raw oil have increased, the disbursementof chemical agents have increased, contributing to the overwhelming health ofecosystems and human lives.Global warmingcannot be ignored and although laws are effectively regulated, human mustdevise alternative measure to sustaining their social responsibilities, Earthhas a naturally reoccurring cycle that filters out such destructive chemicals,however, as we can see, human behaviors have seriously altered mother nature’snature cleansing process making every living thing prone to unhealthyconditions, Human behaviors must be altered in order to reduce excessiveamounts of distributed chemicals that are causing global warming.

Industrial Revolution

The purpose of addressing the industrializationperiod is to allow us to realize where such significant source amounts of are deriving from; atmospheres maincontributors.  Global warming is the sum of all humanbehaviors that neglectfully overlook their social responsibilities ofprotecting ecosystems. Neglectful acts of social duty, irresponsibility ofcultural competence, and the profitability margins are what drive largeorganizations to continue their disbursing large amounts of . Since the industrial revolution, machines have dominated the world,consuming and disbursing, forever changing the climate. Somescientists are skeptical about global warming as they believe the earth goesthrough warming and cooling periods, but the alteration of the earth can haveconsequential changes. Man-made machines liketrains, factories, and automobiles have required the use of fossil fuels. The earth is known for natural cycles, but “according to statistical studies,humans have increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by morethan a third”(National Geographic,1996-2007).

The industrial revolution’s positive impact on humanevolution is apparent, however, it has also contributed extensively to thedeterioration of mini and micro ecosystems as our dependency on foreign oilscontinues to drive and sustain these industries.


The purpose ofdiscussing fossil fuels is to establish the cordial relationship that hasexisted and will continue to exist, thus, the existence of contributions shall remain high. Withover 3 billion people burning gasoline, global manufacturing conglomeratesburning massive amount of oil, and the unregulated illicit market ofrefineries, fossil fuel production disburses more carbon dioxide into theatmosphere than any other known element.

Carbon emissions have reached epidemic proportions resulting inthe depositing of liquidly converted  saturating ecosystems with dangerous runoffand byproducts. Automobiles, factories, and electricity “have spewed billionsof tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and these gases causestemperatures to rise between 0.6°C and 0.9°C (1.08°F to 1.62°F) over the pastcentury” (Earth Observatory, 2004). Oxygen abortion has hindered  the normality of recycling  threw normal exchanges among plants, animalsland, water, and the air ,say climate scientists.  It is an unfortunate circumstance that we ashuman have come to depend so highly on fossil fuels; although alternatives arepresent, none can exuviate to the need and production desires of fossil fuels.The increasing amount of accumulated contributing to globalwarming is resulting in the increase of atmospheric temperatures inducingclimate change..According to Kumazawa & Callaghan (2012) “The KyotoProtocol was established in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997 as an amendment tothe United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change” (p.2). It remainsthe most comprehensive international agreement to date aimed at reducinggreenhouse gases globally, with 187 countries worldwide agreeing to endorse itby 2010.

Atmospheric Temperatures

The purpose of addressing the atmospherictemperature issues as a result of climate change is to express and display theglobal magnitude in one of many known catastrophes contributions. Global Warming is an environmental issue thatconcerns scientists, governmental officials, and environmental advocacyagencies worldwide. The sun has a continuous surge, about of energy whichhas become trapped within the layers of our atmosphere as a result of chemicalaccumulations of . Global Warming is explained as a surge inthe average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. 

Increasing humans, vehicles, and electricity haveput our earth in a position where we do not know the outcome of our mistakes.Animals of the land and ocean are migrating towards cooler temperatures. Humansdid not do this intentionally, but because of the outcome of man-made machines,it is time to redirect our priorities. Many scientists agree this situation hasescalated within the past decades. Studies show that fossil fuels haveincreased the volumes of within ourprecious atmosphere. The rise in atmospheric temperatures is havingcatastrophic and profoundly irreversible climate changes and human growth iscontributing extensively to this social environmental issue Invalidsource specified..

Catastrophic Climate Changes

Purpose of presenting known“catastrophic” changes is to prove that global warming is inevitable and thathuman behaviors increase this known phenomenon. The Earth’s natural cycle hasbeen interrupted which affects the climate, land, ocean and every livingthing.  “Astudy by the British government concluded that the long-term cost of ignoringthe problem could be as great as the two World Wars and the Depression addedtogether” (2007-10-24 (segment 001, 2007).” Animals of the land and ocean aremigrating towards cooler temperatures. The earth has been changing for millions ofyears, but within the last hundred it is no surprise the more humans there arethe world population estimated at “316, 128,839 ” (U.S. Census Bureau).

While changes this large havehistorically taken thousands of years; catastrophic changes are now happeningover the course of decades. The every growingdisbursement of chemicals will continueto accumulate within our atmosphere as consumers need grows, result from aculturally diverse and growing human population.

Population Contributions

Worldwide Population growth is without a doubt thatwe must cover the position in which population growth contributes to the needof many products as a result of fossil dependency, thus, the purpose of thissection is to distinguish how population growth is projected to increase oilconsumptions throughout the nation. Global Warming is without acontroversial doubt the direct result of human activities upon this planet andas human growth continues at a flourishing rate, so too will the need for morefossil fuels.

According to the United States Environmental Agency,population growth will contribute to the growing disbursement of greenhousegases until viable and suitable industrial level alternatives can be producedand implemented Invalid source specified.. Humanity has long placed strainsupon the resources that are provided naturally and as 20,000 people arewelcomed into the world every single day, 600,000 individuals yearly, and 6million individuals every decade. People have been at the center of climatechange, regardless what position we take; however, it is that choice thatplaced our environments and ecosystems in vulnerable states of disappearance.Although there is much evidence that has been developed since the industrialrevolution, many people still conceive the notion that the people’s hunger formore and more energy is resulting in the increase consumption of fossil fuelsresulting in atmospheric disturbances, yet, they claim the information ismisleading and filled with hatsful decisions and determinations. Is claims tendto lean towards statements of “not affecting the quality of life,” evaluatinghistorical extinctions may help some realize the inevitable potential that weultimately face.

Specie Extinctions

“There’sevidence from the effects of climate change on species around the world thatrising temperatures will be “catastrophic for many species” (Schoof,2008). The purpose ofevaluating historical extinctions will provide our audience with an insightfulconcept of “possibility” not related to science. Historicalspecie extinctions indicate that heavily polluted amounts of will destroy living creates fromevery corner of the globe. During the dinosaurextinction, extreme atmospheric disturbance created layer and levels ofatmospheric clouds, blanketing the earth for decades, suffocating the existingsurviving reptiles, destroying living vegetation’s, while depleting oxygenlevels. For example, dubbed the Ordovician-Silurian extinction, Late Devonian,Permian-Triassic extinction, and Triassic-Jurassic extinction can provide uswith possible outcomes and results if current global issue are not rectifiedsoon Invalid source specified.. Within each era of extinctions there were increased levels of as a result of a cataclysmic event in whichthe resulting aftermath decreased the survivability rate of many species,including land and marine mammals. What this shows is how there is a triggeringevent that leads to increased levels of atmospheric, affecting everything that is living.We can see by the evidence presented is that the possibilities form thepast are vastly approaching giving the similarities in current affairs. Despite the extensive amount of evidence, critics willhave something to say.


Counterarguments vary in nature andrange from irrelevant contributed data that is distorting and misleading thegeneral public about the inductive “hype” over global warming.  Althoughmany people will have many things to say about how global warming become, thefact is its here, noticeable, and impacts on ecosystems are showing signs ofits problematic existence. Counter persuasion and argumentative approachesinclude discrediting statistically researched information. For example, claimsstates that human greed and fossil fuel dependency is “fueled” and induced bythe federal government, historical data representing temperature fluctuation isnaturally occurring Invalid source specified.. According to curiosity.com, “still others say that global warming isjust a natural climate shift and that plants and animals can adapt to such ashift” Invalid source specified.. Although many claims may have some level of sustainability, we can alsorevert back to science for acutely and factual data regarding disclaimingcritics positions.  Thus far, what theinformation is rendering is the ability for individuals to understand thecorrelation between human behaviors and the epidemic onset of global warming isinevitable.

Summary of information

The purpose of thisargumentative approach on climate change and global warming was to prove it’s asocietal, sociological, and ecological problem that is dividing the interest ofall living creatures. Life has been sustainedby this beautiful earth for countless millenniums; however, earth atmospherehas only been subjectively contaminated within the last few decades bysubstantiating amounts of. Governments and protection advocacy agencies have contributed anextensive amount of financial resources while utilizing scientific standard togather, analyze, and present fact finding data indicating global warming is aproblem. Although ecosystems have been subjected for a mere fraction of earthexistence, evidentiary information indicates that human have increased thehealth risk of our planet considerably and unquestionably.  Reputable sources with unquestionablereputations have created the means of monitoring and regulating many facets ofoil production, however, US laws will inevitably be unenforceable outside thereach of her jurisdiction. Counterarguments constantly display their normswithin controversial topic; however, many are very much uncreditable, bias, andpersonal in nature, thus, if not credible than such data is pointless.  Many different issues can be implementedwithin this presentation, however, some of the more commonly associated provenhealth concerns can be extremely persuading to any reader.  In conclusion, global warming is present, hasbeen present, and will continue to create and contribute to unhealthyconditions for every living and breathing species. We cannot ignore the factthe history has already provided a possible glimpse into the future of ourecosystems: an unfortunate not so distant reality


“Tens of millions of people will be driven from theirhomes by the effects of climate change in the coming decades as the world warmsup at an accelerating rate” (Arthur, 2001, Full Text, par.1). That is why Global warming issues should be everyone’s prioritized concernconsidering the very air we breathe is potentially infecting our fragileorganic bodies. Global warming impacts people of a global scale and nogovernment, culture, or geographical location is exempt of its irreversibleimpacts on ecosystems in every nook and cranny on this earth. From agricultureand foods, Impacts on quality of water supplies, too our vulnerablepopulations, global warming has become a health issues gaining the attention ofnational security practitioners. Impacts on human health spans the entireglobe; infecting regions such as Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand,Europe, Latin America, North America, polar regions, and very single smallisland that is inhabited Invalid source specified.. There is no possible way that any critic can substantiate their claimwhen the evidentiary value of research and statistical data can prove themcompletely wrong.

Global warming has been linkedto the increase in atmospheric temperatures, increased severity of weatherpatterns, and the deterioration of many ecosystems; infecting very livingbreathing creature.



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