HCS 455 Week 2 Discussion question 3

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Actually, it is not uncommon to have conflicting laws/regulations passed and then the advocacy effort is focused on resolving the conflict. Of course, there are advocates on all sides of whatever the issue is. We recently had a situation in our state were a training law was passed for personal care aides (strongly advocated by the union that would provide the training), then the economic crises hit and the state didn’t have the money to develop the training and the certification test. The next legislative session was not successful in getting the original law repealed or amended.  There was no way for the individuals to get the certification. Home care agencies were told to fire anyone who was hired after Jan. 1 as they didn’t meet the criteria, even though there is no way for them to meet the criteria!!! Those caught in the middle of this were patients who couldn’t have the personal care support they need and low income workers with very little options. It was an absolute mess, one of the messiest I have seen in my 25 years of advocacy work.  The governor finally stepped in and by executive edict deferred the law for several years.

The next year, the union behind this policy passed a citizen’s initiative where voters decide what becomes policy, circumventing the legislative process.  This policy was passed at that time and it has successfully created a significant shortage in personal care workers across the state.  The expected outcome we (as stakeholders) identified in the policy development process has come to pass.   

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