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Choose one of the following as the shape of your shed – square, or rectangle – and list the dimensions. Each dimension (length, width, etc.) must be 15 feet or less.

Find the area of the floor of your getaway using the appropriate formula. Don’t forget to use the correct units for area. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth, if necessary.

Go to the website of your favorite building supply store and get the price of the flooring you would like to use. Remember, the sky is the limit since you are planning on winning the contest and the store will be paying the bill. Include the link to the flooring so we can admire your choice. Using the area, find the approximate cost of the flooring. This is a money amount, so round your answer accordingly.

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Your friend needs someone to double check the calculations for the luxurious shed. You have always been good at math, so you gladly help out. Check the area calculation for accuracy. If it is incorrect, tactfully explain the error, but do not post the correction. Instead, allow your classmate to post the correction. While you are at it, you decide to determine the perimeter of your friend’s shed. Include the correct units for the perimeter. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth, if necessary.

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