Lipids critique, chemistry homework help

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Choose some topic related to the steroidal group and research

the topic. It could be a manufactured steroidal drug, a naturally

occurring steroidal compound in the body, a natural chemical reaction

that involves a steroidal compound, the role genetics play in the

production or the lack of production of a certain steroidal compound,

……… Lots of options.

In the “What” section provide:
1. What is the reaction mechanism of the steroidal compound (chemical)?
2. How does the steroidal compound interact with body tissue?
3. What is the polarity/ solubility of the steroidal compound?
4. How is its presence of the steroidal compound measured quantitatively in body tissue? Be specific and explain this method.

write a 1 page essay with sources answering these questions, don’t use high vocabulary keep it high school level, Also, cite everything, i dont want any plagiarism