MAT136 SNHU Week 5 Relationship Between Two Variables Scenario Discussion

In this discussion, you will create your own scenario involving a relationship between two variables. Think about all of the numeric applications of functions. For example: “I believe there is a relationship between how much sleep I get and how much coffee I drink. Likely an inverse relationship, where the less sleep I get, the more coffee I need!”

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In your follow-up posts, please provide a solution to a scenario posted by a classmate, and be sure to ask questions and offer suggestions. What are the limitations of their functions? If you think about extremely large or small cases, does the function still work? (In the example above, what if you never slept? Could you consume coffee and survive? What if you overslept or had no coffee? This function does have some limitations.)

I have posted 2 peer scenarios to respond to below (PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK). Also, please see the rubric attached to this post.


Justin started exercising and he realized the amount of exercise and the number of calories consumed correlate in weight gain. Justin wanted to figure out how many net calories he consumed after one day of regular eating and exercise. Justin found out that 3500 calories equals one pound of body weight; he also exercises on his TM at a rate of burning 100 calories every 5 minutes. If Justin gained 4 lbs and exercised for 30 minutes, how many calories did he consume that day?

Let x = lbs gained, let y = minutes exercised.


Bobby noticed that there is a connection between how much time he spends playing video games and how dry his eyes get. He determines that every hour his eyes become 9.43% drier than they were the previous hour. Create an equation where y is how dry Bobby’s eyes are and x is the time in hours. Using this equation, what percentage of Bobby’s original eye moisture is left after an eight-hour straight game session? How long would it take for Bobby to reach 20% of his original eye moisture?

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