NA Advantages v Disadvantages of Negative Reinforcement & Punishment Essay

Motor Learning

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APA Formatting

Graduate level writing

6 or more pages plus Title and reference page.

9 or more sources that are scholarly and illustrate a high degree of research and technical expertise.

Along with a PowerPoint, you must submit a six-page executive summary of your presentation, with at least nine scholarly APA references and documentation. The reference page is in addition to the six-page executive summary.

The length of the executive summary assignment should be 6 pages plus title and reference page.

Develop a compressive power point presentation where you demonstrate how you would apply two of the following concepts from the field of Motor Learning to the teaching of a movement skill. You must include picture demonstration with descriptive in your wording.

  • Your PowerPoint must include an introduction of your skill choice and main teaching objectives.
  • Demonstration of how you apply the Motor Learning concepts.

Choose two of the following topics:

  • Feedback for a specific skill
    • Knowledge of Results
    • Knowledge of Performance
    • Proprioception
  • Freezing the degrees of freedom – take one skill and show us how you would teach it to a novice. Show which joints are frozen and why and then the order of release.
  • General Motor Program – choose one GMP and show it in action during two different motor skills. How do the following parameters change:
    • Muscles used (will be very similar)
    • Order of activation of muscles and de-activation
    • Force of muscle contraction
    • Duration of muscle contraction
  • Practice session for:
    • Specific population
    • Specific motor skill
    • Transfer
  • Information Processing:
  • Skill display and filter issues
  • Short-term memory processes
  • Long-term memory and retrieval
  • Reinforcement/motivation
    • Key internal reinforcers
    • Key external reinforcers
    • Advantages vs disadvantages of negative reinforcement and punishment

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