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. The null hypothesis ____. (Points : 2)

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       states that the treatment has no effect

       states that there is an effect

       is never used in psychological research

       is always equal to 0.5

Question 2.2. Which of the following is a continuous variable? (Points : 2)

       the number of students in your class

       the number of pages in your textbook

       the average weight of students in your class

       the number of parking places in the parking lot

Question 3.3. Scores from a statistics exam are reported as deviation scores. Which of the following deviation scores indicates a higher position in the class distribution? (Points : 2)




       cannot determine without more information

Question 4.4. Which measure of central tendency is most impacted by outliers? (Points : 2)




       both the mean and the mode

Question 5.5. A teacher gave a reading test to a class of fifth grade students and computed the mean, median, and mode for the test scores. Which of the following statements cannot be an accurate description of this test? (Points : 2)

       The majority of the students had scores above the mean.

       The majority of the students had scores above the median.

       The majority of students had scores above the mode.

       All of the above

Question 6.6. In a distribution of scores where the smallest score is 8, and the largest score is 20, what is the range for this distribution? (Points : 2)




       cannot be determined without more information

Question 7.7. A researcher is curious about the average level of science knowledge for high school seniors in the United States. The entire group of high school students in the United States is an example of a ____. (Points : 2)





Question 8.8. Using the letters (A, B, C, D, and F) to classify student performance is an example of measurement on a(n) ____ scale of measurement. (Points : 2)





Question 9.9. Although a research study is typically conducted with a relatively small group of participants known as a ____, most researchers hope to generalize the results to a much larger group known as a ____. (Points : 2)

       sample, population

       statistic, sample

       population, sample

       parameter, population

Question 10.10. What kind of frequency distribution graph shows the frequencies as bars that are separated by spaces? (Points : 2)

       a bar graph

       a histogram

       a polygon

       all of the above

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