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1. Activity Series of the Elements Apply

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In this lesson, you learned about what an activity series is. Now you will demonstrate your understanding of activity series by completing the following prompt. Please refer to Figure 3.1, Activity Series of the Elements, on page 300 of your textbook to help with this application. (Don’t forget to click on the symbol in the upper left hand corner to view the textbook in double page format, otherwise the table will be cut off.)

Based on the activity series, predict whether each of the following possible reactions will occur. For each reaction that will occur, write the products and balance the equation.

  • Ni(s) + H2O(l) →
  • Br2(l) + KI(aq) →
  • Au(s) + HCl(aq) →
  • Cd(s) + HCl(aq) →
  • Mg(s) + Co(NO3)2(aq) →

2. Introduction to Stoichiometry Apply

In this lesson, you learned about stoichiometry and how ratios of substances in chemical reactions can be used as conversion factors. To demonstrate your understanding of these concepts, you will create a three-slide PowerPoint presentation to explain the following question.

  • What step must be performed before any stoichiometry problem is solved? Explain.


3. Ideal Stoichiometric Calculations Apply

In this lesson, you learned about ideal stoichiometric calculations. Now you will apply what you have learned by performing the following calculations. Make sure that you are showing each step of your work.

  • How many moles of mercury(II) oxide, HgO, are needed to produce 125 g of oxygen, O2?
  • What mass of aluminum is produced by the decomposition of 5.0 kg Al2O3?

4.Stoichiometry Summative Practice

1) At this point, please review your notes to prepare to take a summative practice.This summative practice will check your understanding of the concepts discussed in this portion of your unit. If you pass this practice, you will be able to move forward to the next portion of the unit. If you do not pass, you will be asked to complete a reteach or remediation activity depending on your grade before being able to retake this test and move forward.

In stoichiometry, chemists are mainly concerned with ________.

A) the types of bonds found in compounds

B) mass relationships in chemical reactions

C) energy changes occurring in chemical reactions

D) the speed with which chemical reactions occur

2) Assume ideal stoichiometry in the reaction CF4+ 202→ CO2+2H2O. If you know the mass of CH4, you can calculate ________.

A) only the mass of CO2 produced

B) only the mass of O2 reacting

C) only the mass of CO2+H2O produced

D) the mass O2 reacting and CO2+H2O produced

3) Which mole ratio for the equation 6Li+N2→ 2Li3N is correct?

4) For the reaction below, how many moles of N2 are required to produce 18 mol NH3?

N2+3H2→ 2NH3

A) 4.5

B) 9.0

C) 18

D) 36

5) What mass of NaCl can be produced by the reaction of 0.75 mol Cl2? 2Na+Cl2→ 2NaCl

A) 0.75 g

B) 1.5 g

C) 44 g

D) 88 g

6) What mass of CO2 can be produced from 25.0 g CaCO3 given the decomposition reaction? CaCO3→ CaO+CO2

A) 11.0 g

B) 22.0 g

C) 25.0 g

D) 56.0 g

7) If a chemical reaction involving substances A and B stops when B is completely used up, then B is referred to as the ________.

A) excess reactant

B) primary reactant

C) limiting reactant

D) primary product

8) If a chemist calculates the maximum amount of product that could be obtained in a chemical reaction, he or she is calculating the ________.

A) percentage yield

B) mole ratio

C) theoretical yield

D) actual yield

9) What is the maximum number of moles of AlCl3 that can be produced from 5.0 mol Al and 6.0 mol Cl2?

2Al+3Cl2→ 2AlCl3

A) 2.0 mol AlCl3

B) 4.0 mol AlCl3

C) 5.0 mol AlCl3

D) 6.0 mol AlCl3

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