need tableaue homework completed

1. From CityDistNetwork.csv create a new file called CityDistNetworkEdges.csv with appropriately “normalized” Distribution Network edge definitions (one row for each “end” or “vertex” for each edge). Create a new column called “Route” that appropriately concatenates the SaleOfficeCity and the CustomerCity around the “<->” symbol to uniquely identify each route reflected by an edge.

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2. Extract the CityDistNetworkEdges.csv and CityDistNetworkVertices.csv files into a Tableau workbook. Create an appropriate join of these two files in Tableau. Generate a Line Graph that reflects the Distribution Network between cities. Weight the lines in the graph by the sum of Distance.

3. Format the Network Graph to improve the appearance of the network. Change the Shading of the Worksheet to black. Change the path lines to a lighter color and decrease the opacity of the lines appropriately. Include City name as a Detail element in the Marks card.

4. Create appropriate Edges and Vertices files from CityDistNetworkArprtCd.csv. Create a Route variable from the Origin and Dest fields. Create a join of the Edges and Vertices files in a new tableau workbook.

5. Create a map of the airport codes in CityDistNetworkArprtCd.csv. After creating the map, change the graph type to Line Graph. Connect Origin and Dest airports by using your created Route variable to define the Path in the line graph.

6. Save each network graph to a separate .twbx file. Ensure that the data (Edges/Vertices join) is appropriately extracted into each .twbx.

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