Organic Structures Shapes and Isomerism Part 2

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Or g anic Structur es Shapes and Isomerism P art 2

Ka th y Carrig an

V er sion 42-0185-00-01


L a b R e p o r t A ss is ta n t                                                                                                 


Thisdocumen tisnotmean tt obeasub s titut e f oraf ormallabor at or yr eport.TheLabR eport Assist an tissimplyasummar yofthee xperimen t ’ sques tions, diagr amsifneeded,andda t at ables tha tshouldbeaddr essedinaf ormallabr eport.Thein t en tist of acilit a t es tuden ts’writing oflab r eports b y pr o viding this in f orma tionin an edit able filewhich c an be sen t t o an ins truct or .




Qu es t i o ns                                                                                                                             

P art I Section1


A .   W ouldthes tructur esy ouha v epr oducedinst ep1bec onsider edisomer sofoneanother? Explain thebasis f ory ourans w er .




B.    Wha tar ethebond angles and molecular g eome tr yar oundthec arbonat oms?




P art I Section2


A .   Is this possible with thedouble bond? Describewha ty ousee.




B.    Wha tis thebond angle and molecular g eome tr yar oundthe2middle c arbonat oms?




P art I Section3


A .   Wha tar ethebond angles and molecular g eome tr yar oundthedouble bonded c arbons?




B.    Cany ourcis-2-but enemodelbec on v ert edint othetr ans-2-but enemodelwithoutbr eaking bonds?




C.    The cis- and tr ans-2-but enesar ec alledg eome tricisomer s.Wh yar ethe ygiv enthis name?




D .   De finethet erms tructur alisomer(seeOr g anicStructur esP art1)ande xplainho witdiff er s

fr oma g eome tricisomer .



P art I Challeng e Ques tions(r equir ed)


Indica t e   whe thereachof   the   f ollo wing   c ompound   pair s   ar e   g eome tric   isomer s,   s tructur al isomer s, or not isomer s a tall. W rit ethenamesf orthec ompoundsunder each f ormula.
















Ar e these s tructur es isomer s?                                 If so wha t type?                                     







CH 3

CH 3






CH 3




CH 3



CH 2      CH 2



CH 3










Ar e these s tructur es isomer s?                                 If so wha t type?                                     




Cl                                      Cl         Cl


CH 3     CH



CH 2


CH 3     CH

CH 2






Ar e these s tructur es isomer s?                                 If so wha t type?                                     



P artII :Ar oma ticHy dr oc arbons and R esonance


A .   Wha tis theg eome tr yof eachof thec arbonsin benz ene?




B.    Dr a w the s tructur al f ormula f or me th ylbenz ene. (Not e: dr a w the s tructur e using the dr a wing pr ogr amandpast eitinher e.W edonotw an t y ou t osc aninthisasapdffile.If y ouar eunable t o dr a w the s tructur e skip it and ans w er the r es t of the ques tion.)













P art III: Alkynes


A .   Cons tructa model of 1-pr op yneand dr a wits s tructur alf ormula.













P art IV : FunctionalGr oup s


P art IV Section1


A .   Cons tructamodel,usingther edat omwithtw opr ongsf oro xy g en,thendr a wthes tructur al f ormulaf or1-pr opanol,C3 H7 OH.   (Thec ommonnameispr opanol,orpr op ylalc ohol)Wh yis o xy g enr epr esen t edb ythe“ben t ”s tructur e?



B.    Cons tructamodel,thendr a wthes tructur alf ormulaf or2-pr opanol,C3 H7 OH.(Thec ommon name is isopr opanol, or isopr op yl alc ohol).













P art IV Section2


A .   Cons truct a model, then dr a w the s tructur al f ormula f or dime th yl e ther, C2 H6 O.




















B.    Wha tr ela tionshipe xis tsbe tw eene thanol,C 2 H 6 O ,anddime th yle ther?    Y ouma yneedt o


dr a w/ c ons tructa model of e thanolt oseethis.

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