Paragraph 6

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

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There are always issues in the medical care community which need to be faced to improve the quality or efficiency of care as well as the safety conditions of patients. In medical care, our key focus is providing patients with quality care in a manner that is efficient and safe. As such, we are constantly facing issues to improve these aspects. In my place of work, one of the main issues I have found is always trying to improve the communication between health care professionals and risk of burnout of nurses. We use the Situation-Background- Assessment-Recommendation (SBAR) as our main method of communication. Poor communication, leading to patient death and injury resulted in 60-70% of significant issues reported to the Joint Commission (Labson, 2013). This information supports the need for improved communication methods. The patient to nurse ratio also plays an important role in nurse burnout (Shekelle, 2013). This year we have seen a huge decrease in number of injuries on our floor after reducing the nurse to patient ratio from 6 patients per nurse to 4 patients per nurse. Utilizing SBAR has assisted in decreasing turnover time and reducing errors in medication. All in all, making use of research supported measures to decrease problems and increase efficiency and consistency of care, provides patients with better care and health care professionals with higher levels of success and accomplishments.


Labson, M. (2013). SBAR: A Powerful Tool to Help Improve

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