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  • What are the benefits of the redundancy in the genetic code?
  • Describe the role of complimentary base pairing in protein synthesis.
  • Be able to describe the Central Dogma of Biology and its relevance in understanding
  • Be able to answer the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, why) of replication, transcription, and translation.


  • Using the lac operon in prokaryotes as an example, describe how a cell can regulate
  • How does the lac operon work when lactose is absent? present?
  • How can a eukaryotic cell selectively express, or not express, a gene?
  • Why is gene regulation (i.e. selective expression of genes) generally important to cells?
  • What is a gene mutation?
    • Distinguish between base substitution mutations and insertion/deletion mutations.
    • How serious are the consequences of each of these types of mutations to the affected protein? To the cell/organism?
    • Why are changes in the 3rd position less serious than changes in the 1st or 2nd positions?
    • What are the two main causes of mutation in cells?
    • How can a mutation in DNA lead to a genetic disease?
    • Are all mutations heritable? Explain why or why not.

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