Question for statistics

The CEO of ABC manufacturing commissioned a study to look at the differences between the current salaries of her employees (n = 474) and their starting salaries. The study collected current and beginning salary data for each of the 474 employees and the researcher conducted a statistic and the results are presented below. Using the five steps of hypothesis testing, explain what the researcher might have done, including the appropriate analysis, and interpret the results. Are there any problems with this study? If so, explain what they are. Beginning salary mean = $17,016.09, SD = $7,870 Current salary mean = $34,419.57 SD = $17,075 Test statistic = 35.036, p <.05 Describe the research problem and conduct a literature review and locate two articles that relate to the research problem. The max that it needs to be is 230 words but I do not know where to start.

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