report for An Introduction to Probability and Decision Making

Goals: To practice reading and interpreting scientific studies.

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  1. Find a reported study (either an experiment or an observational study) on the Internet or in a magazine, journal, book, or newspaper in an area of interest to you. Print out or copy the abstract or summary.
  1. Write a report on your chosen abstract. Be sure to include the authors of the study; the title of the study; the journal, book, or magazine in which it was published; and the date of the publication. In your report, answer these questions:
  • What is the research question that these investigators are trying to answer?
  • What is their answer to the research question?
  • What were the methods used to collect the data?
  • Is the conclusion appropriate for the methods? (For example, is the conclusion a cause-and-effect claim? Were the data collected in such a way as to support this claim?)
  • To what population do the conclusions apply?
  • Is any indication given that these results are consistent with what other researchers have suggested?

Please be sure to include the abstract or summary that you used.

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