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On page 194 of your coursepack, there is a short 4 question survey on NBC.

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On page 195, you have the names of each variable from the questionnaire. For example, the variable, Blacklist, corresponds to the first question on page 194 (Which of the following shows do you watch on regular basis?).

On page 196, you have the actual data. “W” refers to watch and “DW” refers to doesn’t watch. The.refore the first person who filled out the survey does not watch Blacklist.

On page 197, you can find the questions that you must answer for the assignment.

Open up the file below in SPSS. It corresponds to the data on page 196. (The file’s name is SPSS NBC data) Unfortunately the SPSS file cannot be attached here. You will find all the data on page 196.

Once you open the file, please complete the following steps:

A) Enter in the data for the three variable columns that are empty: Shark Tank (1 for watch, 2 for don’t watch), Walking Dead (1 for watch, 2 for don’t watch) and Age (Just enter the actual age). The data is on page 196. Be sure to give labels and values for each of the variables that you enter, where applicable.

B) Start running the analyses to answer the questions on page 197. Below, you will find a file to guide your analysis. (The name of the file is NBC Assignment: How to approach)

C) After you run the data for each question, cut and paste the relevant (frequency, mean, cross-tab, ANOVA, chi square) tables into Word and type out the answer in words.When you are copying the tables from SPSS to Word, you may need to copy them as a picture/image; alternatively you can use a snipping tool. If you just supply tables without typed answers you will receive zero on this assignment. The same is true if you just supply answers without tables. In the file below, you can see a sample answer for the first question, as well as an example of a Cross-Tab and ANOVA answer.

I have uploaded all files.

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