Weather Systems, 10 Multiple Choice Questions help

Question 1 (1 point)If an observer sees cirrus clouds, followed later by cirrostratus and then altostratus, he/she is witnessing the approach of which type of front?

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warm or cold

none of these

Question 2 (1 point)Which of the following is true about a steep pressure gradient?

is only possible in the tropics

produces light winds

produces strong winds

would be depicted by widely spaced isobars

Question 3 (1 point)Most of the United States is situated in which zone of prevailing winds?


subpolar easterlies

trade winds


Question 4 (1 point)What is the most important process of cloud formation in the atmosphere?

cooling by compression of air

cooling by expansion of air

cooling by release of latent heat of vaporization

radiation cooling

Question 5 (1 point)When a hurricane moves onto land, it rapidly loses its energy and declines in intensity. Which factor contributes to this loss of punch?

both friction and lack of warm, moist air


heating from below by the land surface

lack of warm, moist air

Question 6 (1 point)Which of the following would NOT be associated with stable atmospheric conditions?

afternoon thundershowers

dreary overcast skies with light drizzle

temperature inversions

widespread fog

Question 7 (1 point)Which force generates wind?

centrifugal force

Coriolis force

gravity force

pressure gradient force

Question 8 (1 point)Which air masses have the greatest influence on weather conditions in the central United States?

cP and mT

cT and cP

mP and cP

mP and mT

Question 9 (1 point)Which of the following is affected by the Coriolis effect?

both wind speed and wind direction

neither wind speed nor wind direction

only wind direction

only wind speed

Question 10 (1 point)A dark, gray cloud that blankets the sky and often generates precipitation is which type of cloud?





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