This paper is not to point the finger, but for each student to step up and accept responsibility for their own education. 

This is not a I feel mushy paper. This is a combination of a personal assessment of your skills with facts and how you plan to get the most out of your college career. I want facts and specific examples combined with research. 

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Do not tell me about the problem with college or other college students. What can you do to get the absolute best result from college? 

I want a fact based approach to this paper. To address any problem, you must understand the problem, the issues, your weaknesses, and how you plan to get the most for your educational dollar. 

1. Employers complain that students do not have adequate writing skills. 
2. Employers complain that students do not have sufficient technology skills. Blackboard is a technology yet student are not exploring the resources available in Blackboard to them. Microsoft Word is a technology skill but I’m still telling students about pager numbering and embedded headers. Students do not know how to use their OC email. Students are not learning how to communicate in BB’s Discussion Board forum. Students are not logging intto the TechSmith lecture form. 
3 Employers complain that students can not read. I have to continually  answer questions that I have already answered. I frequently make announcements. However, students are not reading the BB information. 
4. Employers complain that students do not know how to use basic grammar correctly.
5. Employers complain that students are not taking responsibility for their learning/training. I am continually asking for students to work with the Tutoring Center. 

Introduction: Briefly introduce the issue. What facts/statistics can you incorporate to strengthen your statements? 

Thesis sentence: After reviewing employers’ concerns about recent graduates, I realize that I have three specific areas that I need to address in my own education.

Body of Essay: Each support paragraph must have a topic sentence. The topic sentence must be the first sentence in each support paragraph. Each support paragraph must use specific examples.

Sample Topic Sentences:
I will clean-up my social media sites. Identify sites. Why? 

I will turn-off my personal phone while I am at work. 

I will research the position which I want to one day acquire so I can go into the workplace with realistic expectations. 

Conclusion: Explain how understanding employers concerns and addressing those issues while you are in college can help you to avoid the label that you are less than prepared for the job. Context and Purpose: This is a research based paper intended for an academic audience (e.g. professor). I specifically check to see that you are using research and that you are correctly documenting the research. 

Essay Structure: Your paper must follow the standard academic structure (thesis sentence, topic sentence for each support paragraph, and conclusion). This research paper will follow the standard five paragraph format. 

I will look for a clear thesis sentence (last sentence in introduction) and a clear topic sentence for each support paragraph. 

Length: 750-800 words (3-4 pages)

Disciplinary Conventions:
MLA format, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font

Header: Full Name

Title Paper

Nothing should appear in first page upper right hand corner. 

Page number starts on page two. Create embedded page numbers. 

Supporting Material: 
Set-up one to two quotation. 
Parenthetically document all facts.
You need one to two short quotations. Do not use more than two short quotations for this paper.
Include a Works Cited page at the end of the paper. 
Works Cited needs three to four citations.
Required: Each Internet source in the Works Cited must have a URL. 
Check the body of your paper for plagiarism before submitting to BB. BB’s SafeAssign will detect phrasing from other students and their papers. 
Do NOT exceed 5-6 percent  matched sources in SafeAssign, a plagiarism detection software.

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